I hope that the pleasure, fulfillment and the peace I received in the creation of this body of work, will somehow be experienced by those who view it. My works are almost seductive in their appeal, generating a soft clarion call to enter and partake.

Contact Information:
Email: gkebeck@yahoo.com,
Phone: 868-637-4814 (Trinidad), 347-731-3531(NY),
954 227 5024 (Florida).

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The word kinetic which is not very familiar to most, means the science of the relationship between the motions of bodies, and the forces acting on them.

This website introduces Guy Beckles, one of the few exponents of kinetic art in the world. As the only such practicing artist of this unique craft in the English-speaking Caribbean, Beckles combines art with a variety of movements in his thought-provoking, breath-taking kinetic work.

Art in its accustomed habitat is expected to produce images/paintings/sculptures. Kinetic Art however, is vastly different. While not attempting to taint nor suggest that Kinetic Art is superior, the images of the latter are alive and deeply engaging. As unbelievable as it may seem, they actually move continuously! In some quaint instances they even emit sound! So, unlike the usual art exhibitions where only the senses of emotions and sight are summoned, with Guy Beckles’ Kinetic Art there is rhythm, anticipation, intrigue, excitement, child-like fun ……… and sound ……. and more! Intriguingly his work has even been credited with possessing therapeutic properties!

You are on the threshold of a spectacular artistic journey titled “Guynetic’, a collection of kinetic works of wonder and painstaking but passionate labour emanating from the creative mind and hands of Guy Beckles.

“Our greatest ideas come to us in silence and solitude,
where the whisper of intuition can only be discerned
above the shout of intellect and the raucousness of reason.”