I hope that the pleasure, fulfillment and the peace I received in the creation of this body of work, will somehow be experienced by those who view it. My works are almost seductive in their appeal, generating a soft clarion call to enter and partake.

Contact Information:
Email: gkebeck@yahoo.com,
Phone: 868-637-4814 (Trinidad), 347-731-3531(NY),
954 227 5024 (Florida).

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Group Exhibitions

1976 Wheaton College, Boston, USA
1976 Wheaton College, Boston, USA
1976 Wheaton College, Boston, USA
1984-87/91 Annual November Exhibition, Trinidad & Tobago. Art Society
1985 ‘Despite Straight Lines’ – Art Creators, St. Ann’s, Trinidad.
1988 Teachers’ Training College, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.
1990 Central Bank Collection.
1991 TATIL Gallery, Maraval Road. Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.


Studio 66, Gulf City, San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago.
1997 Emancipation Celebrations, Queens Park Savannah
1997 NIHERST – Science Fair, Queens Park Savannah, Trinidad
1997/98 ‘Trinidad and Tobago Through the Eyes of the Artist’, Commonwealth Institute Gallery, London, UK
1998 ‘Trinidad and Tobago Through the Eyes of the Artist’, National Museum, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.
1998/99 ‘Sing me a Rainbow’, Meridian International Center, Washington DC, USA
1999 6th World Congress of Orisa Traditions: ‘A Call to Nature’, Cruise Ship Complex, Trinidad & Tobago
1999 ‘Biorhythms’ at Keskidee Art Gallery – A Cultural Laboratory, Chaguaramas Convention Centre, Trinidad& Tobago.


‘Celebrate Caribana’ exhibtion, Eaton Centre, Toronto.
2004 NIHERST Science Fair – ‘Energy Odyssey’ Centre of Excellence, Trinidad & Tobago.
2006 Trinidad & Tobago Art Soceity Annual Art Exhibition – Federation Park, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.
2007 NIHERST Science Fair – Centre of Excellence, Trinidad & Tobago – Installation of 20-ft Kinetic Art center-piece.
2008 The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, May Exhibition— “Rhythm…Movement…Time…Space”
2009 5th Summit of the Americas, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Mar 22 to Apr 22, 2011 ‘Inter-Dependent-SEE The Concept of Mobility (Part Two)


Solo Exhibitions


Westmall, Westmoorings, Trinidad
Long Circular Mall, St. James, Trinidad
Trincity Mall, Trincity, Trinidad
1993 Piarco International Airport, Trinidad
1997 Kinetic Art Attack, Gallery St. Ann’s, Trinidad
Kinetic Art Attack (Repeat) Gallery
1998 National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago
1999/2000 Continuing Exhibit: Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Wendy Fitzwilliam’s Pediatric Ward, Mt. Hope, Trinidad
2000 Western Union Awards Ceremony, Trinidad Hilton
2000 Prime Minister’s Innovation and Invention Award Ceremony Trinidad Hilton.
2002 NIHERST annual Science Fair, Club House, Queens Park Savannah, Trinidad & Tobago
2010 The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, Inter-dependent-SEE — The Concept of Mobility
2011 NIHERST Annual Science Fair, Trinidad and Tobago
2011 Queen’s Hall, Port of Spain, Trinidad
2011 Long Circular Mall, St James, Trinidad

2012 – Long Circular Mall, Trinidad
2012 – Carnival Village, Queen’s Park Savannah, Trinidad
2012 – ‘Guynetics’ (Part B) – The Concept of Mobility, Museum of the City of
Port of Spain, Trinidad